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Just enter our group # of 150301469. Enter your Von's, Albertson's or Macy's card and every time you shop we will receive up to 8% of your purchases. When you visit eScrip, check out all the merchants who are part of this fantastic program.

That's all you do. You shop. The KIDS benefit.


Create Some Space And Help a Child

We have the ability to accept donations of items from our supporters and sell them on eBay.

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Matching Funds

Does your Company have "matching funds" donations? If so, we get double the donation! Just let me know and I can complete the paperwork for a match, and your future donations will be matched by your Company. Everyone wins!

Here are 3 current Companies that participate:





Christmas by the numbers: 2014

January 2014

This was our 20th year helping the foster and underprivileged kids for the Holidays in Ventura County.

This year we:

  • Reached over 600 families in Oxnard, Fillmore and Piru
  • Handed out toys, beanie babies and tshirts to 3,532 kids
  • Received 2,500 bagels from Western Bagels
  • Handed out 8,700 pounds of food
  • Handed out 1,200 new towels and 650 new blankets
  • Handed out 450 Walmart gift cards and 325 small appliances
  • Had 105 volunteers over 7 weeks who worked many hours

Was a great season of giving goodness and love to make the Holidays a little better for those in need.

Handing Lumi-dough, beanie babies, tshirts and candy canes to 2,403 kids in Oxnard
Great volunteers handing out to kids in oxnard
Excited kids waiting to receive their toys
Handing out to 258 families in Oxnard on 12/21/14. Filled their arms with blankets, bagels, candy, food, towels, clothing, toiletries, toys and goodness. Great volunteers!!
Handing out toys, towels, blankets, food, crock pots , candy ,toiletries and love to 127 families in Fillmore
Great group of volunteers who gave up their Christmas eve morning to hand out toys, household necessities and food at a trailer park in Fillmore. This was our 10th year!
Handed out towels, blankets, food, toiletries, bagels, candy, tshirts, crock pots, gift cards to 53 families in Oxnard. Love +generosity + time = making a difference

We only serve families in Ventura County, California

Your need must be verified by a school administrator or a social worker

We help families with needs, not wants


November 2014

We provide basic necessities to underprivileged kids and families in Ventura County for the Holidays. We will reach 600 families this year. This is our 21st year!

We hand everything directly to the families. There are no "drop offs".

Here is a list of things we need:

  • Laundry Baskets
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Crockpots
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Blenders
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Toothpaste, Toothbrushes And Dental Floss
  • Deoderant
  • Soap
  • First Aid Items
  • Combs & Brushes
  • Body Lotions
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Canned Food
  • Warm Hats, Scarves And Gloves
  • Books For Kids
  • Candy

Any basic necessity. please send me an email if you can donate.

Thank you for your support.


November 2014

Every year for the past 20 years we have collected and provided food for kids and families in need.

We deliver all food the weekend before Thanksgiving, so the families can plan and know they will have something for their kids.

If you can donate, please send me an email and i will get in touch with you. THANK YOU!

Thank you for your support.

Tuscany Dinner

November 2014

Our fundraiser at TUSCANY'S on Sunday night, 11/2/14 was delicious, fun and fantastic.

We raised funds for the 600 families we will serve for the upcoming Holidays. THANK YOU to all who attended and gave so generously.

Thank you to Tommaso Barletta of Tuscany's, Audrey and Bob Byers, Denise and Randy Capri and John Scardino. YOU made our beautiful night such a success!

Thank you for your support.

Unfortunately, all tickets are Sold Out!

Print our invite
for more details

Invitation PDF

Make A Donation To Make A Difference In A Child's Life....

We have been helping the foster and underprivileged Kids in Ventura County for the last 20 years.

We know how important our work is. We do this work everyday, 7 days a week.

We have NO paid staff and NO overhead. Every dollar donated is spent on the kids and their families.

We help with necessities such as clothing, shoes, food, backpacks and school supplies, toiletries, blankets and towels. We take the Kids to cultural performances, and help them with every Holiday.

We hand the donations directly to the Kids and families. We make sure it gets to those in need.

Every dollar changes lives and is used prudently and wisely.

  • $50.00 donation will support a child with some new clothes.
  • $100.00 donation will support 2 kids with new backpacks and school supplies.
  • $150.00 donation will support a child with clothing, shoes, backpack and school supplies.
  • $250.00 donation will support a family at the Holidays with essentials and necessities.
  • $500.00 donation will support a family with food for a month.

Click here to make your donation

School Supplies

July 2014

Be the first in your Block to help a child in need for the upcoming school year. Our goal this year is to get needed supplies and backpacks to 1,000 kids. Our wait list is long, the need is big. Help us be that difference.

We need every/any school supply and backpacks for kids age 5-18 years.

Thank you for your support.

Mother's Day

May 2014

This is our 8th year of hosting a Mother's Day luncheon. We collect toiletries, clothing, makeup, jewelry, bedding and household items and gift cards.

This year our goal was to support and help 25 Moms. We received such fantastic, new items, we were able to help over 100 Moms ! THANKS for all the great donations.

It was a very abundant day filled with goodness, generosity and love.

Saturday School

May 2014

We work hand and hand with the Rio School District and their Saturday School that averages 125 to 180 kids in Oxnard to promote education for these underprivileged kids.

Their needs are endless. We provide school supplies, backpacks, shoes, clothing to get the kids to school and encourage them to stay in school. We help their families with food, clothing and toiletries, blankets, towels and other essentials.

This picture come from one classroom where we handed out books, hoodies, tshirts and treats to every kid in attendance that Saturday.

The shirts and hoodies were donated by Donna and Larry Moulton.


Pizza Parties

May 2014

Classes all over Ventura County submit their reasons for a Pizza party in their classroom...

Reasons for winning this special treat is: perfect attendance, overall grade improvement, most improved class, outstanding test scores or high achievement scores in their whole school.

On these lucky lunch days, lots of pizza is delivered...along with beverages, desserts and prizes/gift cards/toys are handed out to the kids.

We provide about 2 Pizza parties a month. If you would like to sponsor one, just let me know:

Easter Egg Hunts 2014

May 2014

This year we hosted 6 egg hunts for over 2,120 kids all over Ventura County. We held hunts in Fillmore, Oxnard, and Ventura.

Local Girl Scouts stuffed over 23,000 eggs with candy donated by 100 people. The kids received lots of candy, prizes and money in their eggs. Lots of smiles. Great time had by all!

Christmas 2013

March 2014

This year was busy and extremely productive. We helped over 507 families with new small appliances, food, laundry basket of toiletries, new towels, new blankets, clothing, school supplies and gift cards. We handed out directly to the families over 14 days. From that, we reached over 2,200 kids with warm clothing, food, grooming essentials, books, backpacks, school supplies, art kits and toys. It was another miraculous year !

There were 210 volunteers who put in over 4,000 hours. We served the 507 families thru 11 different Family Resource Centers. The centers are located in Ventura, Oxnard, Fillmore, Piru and El Rio. Each family received approximately $225.00 worth of gifts. Beyond the tears of joy and disbelief, were enormous smiles of gratitude and thankfulness. Every year I have many stories of miracles in how all this happens, and this year was one of the best, yet!

THANK YOU for your continued support and generosity!

Here are some of the pictures capturing our handouts. Spreading love and goodness. (to see more daily detail of the Holidays, please visit our facebook page)

Just a portion of the food we handed out to 507 families
About a third of the small appliances we handed out
Handing out toys, pizza, stuffed animals, bags of candy and school supplies to 150 kids in need
SHARKY'S Woodfire Mexican Grill and 14 of their local managers serving food to over 250 people in Fillmore
Serving food donated by STONEFIRE Grill to over 300 people in Oxnard
Volunteers getting ready to load one of our donated trucks from Randy & Lorelei Clark. From left to right: Amy Widmer, Kelsey Niner, Gary Miller, Lee Hill, Carmel Maguire, Jaelyn Rodriguez
Christmas eve handouts to trailer parks in Fillmore. From left to right: Peggy Finefrock, Fary Finefrock, Chris Finefrock, Robert Meyer, Sarah Meyer, Lynda Miller, Alea Nuciforo, Patti Widmer, Jean Mchargue, Christine Joseph, Amy Widmer
Great volunteers handing out to families in Santa Paula. From left to right: Gary Miller, Lynda Miller, Alea Nuciforo, Aaron Howell, Patti Widmer, Aura Howell, Amy Widmer, Amanda Howell, Jeanne Mchargue
Some of the families in line to receive our bounty!
Preschoolers receiving Christmas toys in Fillmore

Happy Holidays 2013

November 2013

We have hundreds of families to help this year. All families are in great need of basic items and are verified by a social worker, outreach specialist or school administrator. You can help in so many ways.


Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, body soap, body lotion, laundry detergent, combs, brushes, nail files, band aids, neosporin.

School Supplies

Crayons, markers, backpacks, etc.

Household Items:

Food - Canned items
New blankets
New towels
Small appliances such as toaster ovens, crock pots, pots and pan, dishes, glasses
Gift cards to Target or Walmart

Every item is handed directly to the family in need. You can also make a donation thru our website on Paypal. All donations will receive a tax receipt/letter

Please email Lynda at or Laura at: if you have any questions.

Congratulations to our raffle winners

November 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners from the raffle drawing on November 16th, 2013 in our Walk a day in their Shoes campaign.

  • $200 cash - Vicki Hughes
  • Day of fun with facial & massage from Hidden Gem - Margaret McKinnon
  • 4 See's candies certificates - Margaret McKinnon
  • Cake and cupcakes from For Heaven's Cakes - Bill Bell
  • 4 Domino's pizza certificates - Harold Goldberg
  • Starbucks basket of coffee, cups and $50 gift card - Janine Goldberg
  • Bag of beauty products from Beauty Habit - Suzy Beaty
  • $100 gift certificate to Rock Chef Rolls catering - Kay Conley
  • Botox treatment and bag of beauty products from Dr Capri - Sarah Meyer
  • Closet and wardrobe analysis from Closet Stylist - Vicki Hughes
  • Brunch for 2 at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly HIlls - Rufus Gruber
  • Lunch for 2 at Rock Chef Rolls - Phyllis Mozilo

Walk a Day in their Shoes...

October 2013

Please help us raise the dollars to help hundreds of families for the Holidays

We are currently accepting donations.
Every $25 you donate, gives you a ticket in our prize drawing (Saturday, November 16th).

Here are some quotes from kids who lives have been touched by Support for the Kids:

I used to wake up cold and hungry. Things are different today. My mom and dad both work two jobs and we still can't make it. Several months ago we were living in our car. Now we are all living in one room with relatives. In my dreams, we have our own apartment, with a refrigerator full of food, and some warm clothing. I appreciate SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS who helped us with warm clothing, food and blankets.
Susan, age 11, Oxnard

I love school, but I cannot go every day because my brother and I must share the same pair of shoes. I go to school every other day. I have duct tape around my shoes and my toes stick out thru the shoes. My teacher told the principal about my shoes and the principal called SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS. I received a Payless gift card to get my own pair of shoes. Thank you for caring.
Michael, age 12, Fillmore

I don't like the Holidays. We have no celebrations. We have no food. We can't afford presents. I would like some new socks, underwear and a new jacket. Last year, SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS helped us with food and warm clothing. Thank you to all who care, even though you don't know us.
Adriana, age 14, Ventura


For more information on the Drawing follow the link to our flier Walk a Day in Their Shoes

Thank You for your support to help us change minds and improve lives for these last 20 years.

Handing Out Backpacks And School Supplies

September 2013. To kids in Oxnard, Fillmore, Piru and Ventura

We have handed out over 350 backpacks in the last month to those in need. they are filled with lots of school supplies and new books.

we will be handing out another 150 new backpacks in the next two weeks to more deserving kids.

Thanks for all the great support.!

Operation: Yearbook....a Huge Success !

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We proudly handed out the yearbook to a local continuation school in Ventura County.

This school would not have received yearbooks had it not been for Support for the Kids.

Mr Mendoza, Director of Special Populations Educational Support helped us with access to the school and some general funds.

Amanda Howell made this yearbook project her Girl Scout GOLD AWARD project. Amanda traveled to the school 5 times to take all the pictures of the students and staff. She put the book together and put in over 80 hours on this project.

Support for the Kids raised funds for the completion and printing of the yearbook and to make sure each student would receive one for a nominal $5 charge.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who donated to make this great meaningful project a huge success ! You certainly changed 140 kids lives with the printing and distribution of this yearbook. Your support makes all the difference.

We were lucky to have some funds left over, so we helped 15 graduating students make a day trip to Magic Mountain. They were also treated to lunch and were able to each get a souvenir of the day at the park.

THANK YOU for your great support in these life changing things we do for the kids.

YOUR change will make a BIG change....

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

IF you can give up your Starbucks just one morning, YOU can make a difference in a troubled kids' life.

We will compile, organize and print a YEARBOOK for 140 kids that wouldn't otherswise get one.

Our project, called operation: YEARBOOK, is for kids that are attending a continuation school that are at risk, underprivileged and in great need of support and help in all areas of their lives. these are all Ventura county kids.

We need to raise approximately $3,500.00 . this will ensure the printing of the book and providing each kid with a copy. 90% of these 140 kids could not afford to buy one.

They don't make yearbooks at these schools for many reasons, but the biggest reason is lack of funds.

Giving these kids a book that they will keep the rest of their lives ( I bet you know exactly where your yearbooks are..) have a book with a picture of them in it, ( most don't have the luxury of pictures of themselves and haven't most of their lives) will make them proud to know others cared enough to do this for them, makes this project important and necessary. i have already seen the difference in their attitude in just two weeks of them knowing of our project.

YOU will help change 140 lives. we are asking for a $5 dollar donation. of course, we would love more, but your $5 bucks will make this become a reality for these kids.

Just visit our site and click the Donations button on the left and donate thru paypal or mail us a check at the address listed. That's it. Geez, in just 5 minutes YOU just changed a life!

Any extra funds will be used for "grad night", to make sure these kids have a celebration of their graduation. they would like to go to Magic Mountain at $53 bucks a kid and there are 20 who will be graduating.

Graduation takes place on june 10th. we need the yearbook donations asap.

Please share this with your friends. we need all of you to help us make this difference to these kids in our community.


Teacher teaches his kids about music

One of the classes we have supported with pizza parties, trips to local cultural performances and various other field trips in El Rio.

This teacher works hard during his lunch break and after school to teach any interested kid about music and learning the guitar.

They perform for their school at the school's concerts and for their graduation. They are committed and work hard.

They made up a song for SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS, complete with melody and words. Great work. !

8 Elementary classrooms in El Rio, Oxnard and Ventura were chosen for Pizza parties

Classes submitted requests for our fantastic pizza parties based on school test scores improvements.

The parties are complete with pizza, drinks, desserts, toys for the kids and gift certificates to Target, Walmart or Domino's.

They are tons of fun and make a big difference in teaching the kids about "paying it forward". !

Local Teens Collect Jeans For Support For The Kids

Teens from 6 local high schools collected jeans for kids in need. They collected new and slightly used jeans over a one month time.

All the jeans were handed out to kids in need in Oxnard on June 3rd. Everyone is happy !

We Help Hundreds Of Mom's For Mother's Day

This year we were fortunate that over 6 local Girl Scout troops, Westlake Junior's Club, Dr Randy and Denise Capri and 50 other individuals gave so generously to make sure these mom's in need received some much needed items.

We provided a lunch, complete with flowers for each mom, dessert and fruit. Each mom received a large bag filled with toiletries of all kind, new clothing, toys for their kids, target gift cards and beauty products.

A great time was had by all !

We received an award of appreciation and recognition from the Rio School District on

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

We have been working with the Rio Schools for over 10 years, providing educational enrichment and support,shoes, clothing, backpacks and school supplies to kids in need. This makes all the difference to these kids, so they can get to school, be prepared to learn, stay in school and graduate.

Support for the Kids has received over 20 awards over the last 13 years. We are proud of each and every achievement, proud of each and every child we have supported and made all the difference in their lives.

Easter Egg Hunts March 2013

This year we had 4 Egg Hunts for a total of 1,350 kids. We stuffed over 14,000 eggs filled with candy, money and prize numbers. The kids with the prize numbers get to pick a new toy.

Local girl scout troops helped stuff the eggs, donated some candy and made 1,400 cookies. The kids could experience a delicious cookie while they were opening their eggs. About 50% of the kids we serve have never experienced an egg hunt. A great time was had by all.

Over 20 volunteers helped at the egg hunts. Together over 300 people donated candy, eggs, money and time to make these egg hunts happen.

THANK YOU to all our generous donors!

Just one of the egg hunts held in oxnard, march 2013...
Back row (left to right) Ashley Timms, Ashley Bonillo, Lynne Sasser, Gary miller. Front row (left to right): Susie Sandoval, Lindsey Timms, Susie Zweigler, Lynda Miller, Cindy Niner, Kelsey Niner


Today, you helped change a life forever. In fact, you changed hundreds of lives with this awesome act of kindness, in helping Miguel get this motorized wheelchair.

Miguel can now look for a job.

He doesn't have to wait for a family member to be home to push him somewhere.

He is now "mobile".

The trickle down from this generous act is immense. It affects all of his family...which in turn affects his community. His neighbors came out and thanked me for doing this. They said they will help him keep the chair safe.

I told him over 110 people donated to make this dream come true. He had tears in his eyes.

There are not enough adjectives to let you know how appreciative i am to have your support. Together we changed a life, gave hope and made a difference.

Thank you seems so insignificant, but know from the bottom of Miguel's heart, and mine, that he will never forget your kindness and love.

With appreciation,

Lynda Miller
President & Founder, Support for the Kids

$5 for Independence

I met Miguel during one of our handouts on December 21 in Oxnard. After meeting Miguel and seeing that he was handicapped by having no legs, I knew I needed to stand up and help him and his family.

Miguel's wife and 19 year old daughter are migrant farm workers and are the sole financial support for the family. As you can guess, they barely make ends meet and have no extra money.

Miguel needs a motorized wheelchair. So, I'm asking for your help to make Miguel's dream come true.

If you could donate just $5 it would help us to attain our goal of purchasing a wheelchair for $2,850. You can donate at our website through our PayPal Portal or send a check to:

3835R Thousand Oaks Blvd. #429
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Every penny collected will go towards this wheelchair for Miguel. Your dollars will give Miguel an independence he has never experienced. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Christmas Update

This Christmas was no different from years' past. We received thousands of dollars of donations in toys, towels, blankets, coats, gloves, hats, food, toiletries, crock pots, pots and pans, blenders and toaster ovens, etc.

Over 80 volunteers worked hard for over a month to sort, count, bag and tag to get ready for our 11 handouts in the Ventura County. This year we handed out to 465 families, and still handing out as of January 10, 2012.

We hand out directly to the families in need. each family received:

  • A large bag of food
  • New blankets
  • New towels
  • A small appliance ( toaster oven, blender, etc)
  • Bags of candy
  • Bags of bagels
  • Small toys
  • Laundry basket filled with shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of Soap, body lotion, household cleaners, etc.
  • School supplies
  • Warm clothing
  • $25 gift card to walmart
  • We handed out toys to over 325 kids...and still counting!

    THANK YOU for your generous support.

    Volunteers handing out to 30 families in santa paula on december 23rd
    Volunteers handing out to those in need at a trailer park in fillmore on christmas eve this is our 10th year of handing out at this park
    Volunteers loading 2 trucks for handouts in oxnard and santa paula on dec 22nd
    On Dec 19th, sharky's woodfire mexican grill served dinner to 250 people in fillmore
    Getting ready to load the trucks for handouts on december 12th in ventura and oxnard
    Handed out new toys to 60 pre-schoolers in fillmore on 01/11/13...lots of smiles!

    CHRISTMAS 2012

    We have hundreds of families to help this year. All families are in great need of basic items and are verified by a social worker, outreach specialist or school administrator.

    You can help in so many ways.


    Shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, body soap, body lotion, laundry detergent, combs, brushes, nail files, band aids, neosporin.

    School Supplies

    Hoodies, any size, any color
    New blankets
    New towels
    Small appliances such as toaster ovens, crock pots, pots and pan, dishes, glasses
    Gift cards to Target or Walmart

    Every item is handed directly to the family in need. No middle man. you can also make a donation thru our website on Paypal.

    All donations will receive a tax receipt/letter

    Please email me at : or laura at: if you have any questions.


    JULY, 2012

    Support for the Kids works hard all year long to provide educational enrichment, school supplies, backpacks, clothing, shoes, food and computers/electronic equipment to foster and underprivilelged kids in Ventura County.

    As you can imagine, in today's economy, the need is vast and never ending.

    We also take used clothing, in good condition, and hand it directly to those in need.

    Presently, here is a list of things we can use to help the kids and their families:

    School supplies:
    glue sticks
    lined paper
    3 ring binders
    colored pencils

    any color, any size

    New or used, any size. any item

    Other items in need:
    bars of soap
    disposable razors
    toilet paper
    laundry soap

    If you have anything to donate, please send us an email at: or
    give us a call at: 805-373-6661
    check us out on facebook at SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS

    Thank you for your support.

    Lynda Miller
    President & Founder, Support for the Kids


    A Holiday Message from Lynda
    January 24, 2011

    Dear Friends:

    Thank you all so very much for the outstanding donations and support for our Christmas-giving of gifts and necessities to under-served families in Ventura County.

    With your help, Support for the Kids has widened its reach and increased the number of families served each year since our inception, in 1993. Just since 2008, we nearly doubled the number from 284 families to 496 families in 2009 & this year, despite this economy, we reached 655 families who desperately needed our help.

    We heard so many heartfelt thank you’s and saw many tears of gratitude as our volunteers handed out essential items, including:

    • Blankets
    • Food
    • Towels
    • A choice of crock pot, toaster oven or blender
    • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, deoderant, conditioner, etc.
    • Cleaning supplies, paper products
    • Books, toys, stuffed animals, art kits
    • Christmas candy and homemade cookies
    • Gift cards to Wal-Mart or Target

    We started preparing in July and I wish you all could have seen the hard work of our over 200 volunteers sorting, packing and lining up over 650 laundry baskets with the thousands of items that were donated by so many. Seventy-five local Girl Scout troops and members of National Charity League donated their time and effort to bake cookies, shop and prepare baskets for families. We were lucky to have a donated office space to do all this great work, so a heartfelt thank you to Peg & Gary Finefrock for their generous donation of this space. We received toys from Lost Hills Sheriff Station, Del Mano Hair Salon, 12 local Starbucks, several private toy-gathering parties, and from many individuals. Our great volunteers sorted all the toys by age & gender and bagged them for delivery to the centers.

    Fortunately, we were able to use a truck donated by Randy and Lorelei Clark, of the LCS Company for fifteen days to deliver the baskets, toys, games, small appliances, stuffed animals, etc. to families at 17 different Family Resource Centers and four trailer parks in Oxnard, Ventura, Fillmore, Santa Paula . We handed new toys to 2,181 kids and provided $15,000 in gift cards to needy families.

    There is no middleman: Support for the Kids Board members and volunteers personally handed out each and every item to the needy families and kids sourced by school social workers. Your help enabled the biggest Christmas family outreach ever by Support for the Kids.

    We received so much this year, we are still handing out to needy families and kids. Your support is immeasurable and made all the difference to all we touched. Our Holiday parties at Easter, Halloween and Christmas, the cultural trips to Pepperdine, New West Symphony, Discovery Center & Alliance for the Arts, our tutoring program Empowerment thru Education that reached thousands of foster kids thru the years, the Back to School party and handout, the school supplies, shoes, clothing, and gift cards were memorable, special and made all the difference to these kids and their families.

    I am so proud and grateful to all of you for our achievements and the help we have given to so many over the years. My heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and successful new year go out to every one of you and your families. Thank you so very much.

    It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich….
    Henry Ward Beecher


    With appreciation and gratitude,


    Lynda Miller
    President & Founder, SUPPORT FOR THE KIDS

    Girl Scout Troop #60034 Collects Backpacks and School Supplies

    Verizon Seasons Readings

    Local Girl Scout troop #60034 from Newbury Park spent their summer collecting recycle items to raise money to buy 20 backpacks and school supplies for 20 lucky underprivileged kids in Oxnard.

    On Monday night, August 30th, the Girl Scouts held an ice cream party for these kids and their families.

    The Girl Scouts spent the preceding weekend baking cupcakes, cookies and bars for all the kids and their families to enjoy, along with ice cream and lemonade. After the kids enjoyed all the yummy desserts, the backpacks were handed out to 12 girls and 8 boys.

    The recipients started school the next day, so they were ready and excited for their first day of school. Troop #60034 leaders are: Kathleen Banaszkiewcz Sanna Fredriksson


    THANK YOU for your continued support.

    Verizon Seasons Readings
    Pictured left to right: Julie Fisher, Angela Mitchell, Lynda Miller, Holly Cole

    We have a strong relationship with Verizon. They have generously given us grants, did a book drive for us, and link us into their newest web site: THINKFINITY.COM as a great educational tool for the kids in our tutoring program.

    Verizon has also graciously announced that they will be doing a school supply drive for us. We appreciate VERIZON!



    Backpack handouts
    Our 15th annual Back to School party will take place in early September. We hand out back packs filled with new school supplies to hundreds of kids in need. If you can help in any way, just email us from the web, or contact any one of our Board Members for a pick up.

    Fall Festival
    Will be held in late October at Mel Cummings Ranch in Santa Paula. If you can donate anything, please email Lynda at:

    We will be helping needy families again this year. Last year we gave a small appliance, blankets, towels, food, a laundry basket filled with toiletries and cleaning supplies and a $50 gift card to Walmart to over 571 families. We hope we can reach 650 families this year, with your help.!

    Support for the Kids works hard all year long to reach the foster and underprivileged kids and their families in Ventura County. We have NO paid staff and NO overhead, with 97 cents of every dollar raised being spent on the kids.


    EASTER, 2010

    3,150 kids had a funtastic time at 7 different egg hunts in Oxnard, Fillmore, Piru, Ventura and Santa Paula.

    250 hard working local girl scouts helped us stuff the 31,000 brightly colored eggs filled with candy, money and gift certificates. If the egg contained a special paper, the kids were able to pick out a new toy. We also handed out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies made with love from National Charity League. The kids really look forward to our hunts every year. For most of them, this is the only hunt they will participate in.



    A group of local real estate agents, loan and escrow officers meet monthly to network and plan ways they can give back to the community. Support for the Kids has been the lucky recipient of their generous efforts. They donated and collected over 42 new bikes, including helmets and locks for us to give away. At the end of the school year, the bikes were given away to lucky recipients, where the kids had to have perfect attendance, improved grades, were helpful in the classroom and had good attitudes. The bikes were handed out at 6 different Family Resource Centers.


    Carnival in May for 350 kids

    We held a Spring Carnival in late May for 350 kids at a site in Oxnard. We were lucky to get the help and hard work from Girl Scout troop #1034 working on their gold badge. There was pizza, smoothies, face painting a DJ, games, prizes and lot of fun for all.


    Clothing Handouts

    We handout out new and slightly used clothing to families in need almost every week at one of the 17 Family Resource Centers we serve. Clothing comes from individual donors, local clothing businesses and National Charity League thrift store. It's a perfect fit, we get clothing that one no longer needs and we pass it on to those in need. Everyone is happy.

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